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Angie Taggart following her dream: Iditarod 2011


Lisa said...

I'm so excited/scared for you, what a huge adventure. I'll be watching your blog to keep up!

Tiffany said...

This is so exciting! Looking at your website and the pictures of the community coming together to help you pursue your dream is so heartwarming, it brought tears to my eyes. Blessings and good luck to you and your dogs!
Tiffany Burns

Billy said...

hey Angie...Bill and Julie here. How many mph average do the dogs run during the Iditarod? And how many hrs a day do they run? We're pretty fascinated with the whole thing and honored to know someone who is in the race! How are those t-shirts coming along? Nice blogging sis!

Mushing Towards Iditarod said...

Hey Bill and Julie,
Depending on the trail conditions it could be anywhere from 3mph-12mph. Have you checked out the t-shirts? Hope you are all well!

srollins said...

Angie, I met you when you spoke to our group at the summer camp on Tuesday, July 20. I am the redheaded school teacher from Texas. You probably meet hundreds of people each week. I am so excited to follow your progress. Currently, I am reading Libby Riddles' book about her Iditarod win - so interesting. You certainly have a lot of adventure in store for you. Good luck!

Jessica said...

Hi Angie!
I am excited for you and am rooting you on! My name is Jessica and I work with your dad :P
I am so excited for all of you guys... having the chance to live your dream is huge :) We are proud of you!

Joann said...

Hi Angie,
I've been really enjoying the blog & the dog pix. You have a great looking team! Sarajustine & I were talking today at the teachers' breakfast about getting up to Nome to cheer you home! Will keep you posted on what we work out. School starts Thursday. Is someone going to keep your class posted on your 'adventure'? Let me know if I can help bring info in to them. Hi from Bloom! Woof! joann

Linda said...

Hi Angie,
I am so excited for you. My fifth grade class and I will be following your journey this year. Discovered your dream at Red Dog Saloon and purchased a glass for your support. Visited from Massachusetts. I love Alaska! What a beautiful state. I hope to inspire my students to pursue their dreams. I wish you all the best.

lisa said...

Hi Angie,
We were just at the Dog Camp last week and got to ride with you and your team! What a thrill it was for us coming from the desert in Las Vegas, NV, to Alaska. We will be watching for you and rooting you on. LIVE THE DREAM!!!!

Anthony said...

Hi Angie,

Great to get back in contact - wishing you all the best in your preparations and ultimate succesful completion of your dream, Best of luck from Australia - Anthony

Mark said...

Hello, Angie. I just posted your site to our classroom webpage. The students will be able to follow your journey. Trust all is well up north. Me, I'm working on my dog camp here in room 111. Do the kids have to have a Google account to post a comment?

Mark O'B.

Mushing Towards Iditarod said...

Hey Mr. O'B - I think that they do have to have an account. Is there anyway that you can set up a classroom one? Just an idea . . . things are moving along smoothly and I am having a great time with the dogs. Thanks for following along!

Carolyn said...

Hi Angie,
Nice website. Good to meet the dogs and see you. I'm so excited for you. What a lot of adventures you have had!
Carolyn Frye

JulieSD said...

Hey there Angie! Julie Simpson-Daniels here (Jen's sis). I am going to provide my daughter Rose's 2nd Grade class here in Oregon with website so they can follow your progress. I am so proud of what you have already accomplished and I can't wait to watch you make Ketchikan history!!!

Mark said...

Ms. Taggart,
Wow! Only 18 days to go. Can that be right? It seems like only a few weeks ago you were getting ready to leave Ketchikan. Students are getting excited. I will get them on your site and the official Iditarod site in the morning. That will be a great Valentine's Day gift for them. We are all thinking about you every day.

Mark O'B.

Mark said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Ms. Taggart! Are your dogs wearing red today?

Mark said...

Hi Ms.Taggart. I keep seeing your face all over Tongass. I know you will to great. Good luck! You have my best wishes!

- Sincerly,

Mark said...

Ms. Taggart,You are very brave to start mushing in 18 days! I would never be able to do that! What inspired you to do the iditarod? I wish you good luck on your trip! Try not to get a brain freeze! From, Brittany

Mark said...

Dear Ms.Taggart,

I know you will do great in the Iditarod. I hope you don't get frost bite. I hope I see you soon.

P.S. Happy Valentines Day!


Mark said...

Dear Mrs. Taggart,
I hope you are having a lot of fun with the team and your friends out at Anchorage. Stay in good condition for the race and have fun while your at it. I hope you bring home the gold!

Gabriel Gucker

Mark said...


Hello, I can not wait till I go up and see the start. Do you think you will go up next year?


Mark said...

Dear Miss Taggart,

Go, go, go, hope you win the Iditarod.


Mark said...

Hi Mrs Taggart I hope you win and good luck on your race.


Mark said...

Hello Ms.Taggart!

I wish you good luck on the Iditarod. I think you will get first place in the race.

I have just one question for you. Do you ever stop in the race when the dogs are tired of running?

You friend,

Mark said...

Dear Ms. Taggart,

Have you won 1st place before? Good Luck! Be careful. Do you think you'll race next year. Have a safe trip back home.

Your Friend,
Evan, Jenna's brother.

Mark said...

I can't wait to hear if you won or not. I hope you win! Quick question how many dogs do you have? Hope you win

Mark said...

Dear Mrs. Taggart,

How are you going to be able to carry all the supplies you need? Happy Valentine's Day.

Sincerely, Vincent

Mark said...

Hi Ms. Taggart,

Hope you do great at the race. And I have one thing to ask, do you think you are going to be in 1st, 2nd, or 3nd place? Hope you have a safe trip.

Your friend,
Kali A.

Mrs. Brooks's 3rd Grade Blog 2010-2011 said...

Dear Angie,
My third grade class is excited about your Journey! They wish you the best and feel honored to be following your adventure.

(lost previous post due to power surges)

Sharon said...

Hi Angie,
Excited for you and will send prayers your way! (( Warm Fuzzies))

5c49e1b8-436d-11e0-ba5a-000bcdcb2996 said...

I am so very proud to say that a member of the family is running in this race.
You are in a very small club and this is so very special.
Good Luck and God Speed.

SeeAhtter787 said...

God speed and God willing
You safely make it home.
Be ye the first or be ye last, Just remember...

Good luck,
Esther, Dave, Shaundra, Iris

SeeAhtter787 said...

Dear Angie,
I hope you win the race this year. If not then I hope you still make it safely to the finish line and tell your dogs good luck will ya?

Shaundra (Esther's daughter):)

Mary said...

Dear Angie,
Today and for the past month, the first graders @ Northside Elem. School in Sandpoint, ID have discussed your participation in the Iditarod! They will be watching your progress during the race with MUCH enthusiasm!
You're a wonderful role model and we send all good wishes to you.
Mary Daubersmith

Houghtaling Elementary School said...

Hey Ang ... we are ALL rooting for you! Can hardly wait to hear from you when you get to NOME!!!!

Eileen and Room 112
Josh, Arianne, Sherrine, Kristan, Glenn,Erika, Fatima, Michael, Ian, Brandon, Preston, Treasa, McKenna, Roberto, Jenny Rose, Daniel, John Ray, Jelikah, Rizza, Kolby, Edric, Reagan, Royce (Roy-Boy), Natalya, and Cordell otherwise known as Cody.

mrs brooks said...

Angie, we have decorated the halls and bulletin boards with pics of your dogs. Each classroom has a checkpoint name and info outside. We have paper cut-out dogs and sleds heading down each side of the hall -from Kindergarten (Anchorage)to 6th grade (Nome). Carson's class even made the finish line arch!
We have an Iditarod video running all day outside the office, next to your large poster, bib number and start time. Once the race starts, we are moving a photo of you from check point to checkpoint down the hall.
Be safe, have fun, all our best wishes are riding in the sled with you.

35567166-46d3-11e0-8a07-000bcdcb471e said...

Hi Angie. I am in a 5th grade glass and I have chosen you as my musher for our class project on the iditarod!:-) I will be watching the race to see how you and your dogs are doing! Good Luck!

Carolyn said...

I'm praying for you and just so excited! I think 19 is a lucky number. XXX0X000

Cousin Barb said...

HI ANGIE, CHARLENE & JOHN: Hard to believe it is finally happening. Pics are just great and you all look so wonderful. Hoping and praying for you always...and will anxiously be watching your progress. cousinbarb in tucson

katherine said...

Do you have siblings?

Carolyn said...

Hi Angie,
I love the pictures. I've been trying to keep up with you, but my computer took the opportunity to flake out, and I was bummed. I got on just a few minutes and then no more computer for two days. I think it just got so excited it wanted to stay there! You look so good, and it looks as if you have gone about halfway. Keep up the good work!
Carolyn Frye

Jessi said...

Although I am no longer in Ketchikan working with your dad I am still following you on your epic journey and wishing you lots of luck along the way :)

Bev said...

Hi Angie,

We are so excited for you. Teaching our Aussie niece, Annelise, (grade 3) and nephew, Bryce, (grade 1) about your great adventure. All the best from Australia!

Bev and Jack

Billy said...

hey Angie and team! Love looking for my daily review of the leaderboard and seeing you continually advance. We don't hear anything about about the race down here in Washington so the internet and the Anchorage Daily News have been great to keep informed. Keep pressing toward the goal Angie!

Brewster's (Gig Harbor, WA)

Carolyn said...

Looks like only 100 miles to go. I have been excited to get what information I could, and I've been checking several times a day. I'm just so excited that it looks as if you are going to be able to finish. I got some clippings from the Ketchikan Daily news, and I'm so glad that everyone there is so supportive. I'll be anxious to hear all about your trek! Love you, Carolyn F.

Nancy said...

Hi Angie, We met you on our vacation this past summer in Alaska at the dog sled camp and followed your adventure on the web. It was very exciting watching the iditarod and we are so happy for you that you were able to complete the race! We cannot even imagaine what it must have been like--congratulations to you!! Nancy & Bill, NJ

Billy said...

Way to go Angie and dogs and all who supported her. It's great to have been able to track you each day of this race and we are all really proud of you. It would have been nice to be able to see part of this race at some point. While the world seems to be spinning out of control you mushers are still proving to the world what courage looks like amidst all the beauty of Alaska. God is Great! Love the Brewster's

af6ee176-66b7-11e2-b5a5-000bcdca4d7a said...

I am SO excited and just thrilled to be your 2013 IditaRider, Angie! Best of luck in the NorthernLights300 tomorrow. Can't wait to meet you and all the huskies up close and personal. All the kids and staff at Woodland Elementary in Puyallup, WA, and my friends and family are supporting you! Give Pierce a special hug from his new sponsor. Love, Claudia