Friday, October 26, 2012

Running up Hatcher Pass

Taking New Orders for T-shirts and Hoodies!

I will be placing a new order for T-shirts and Hoodies November 12th that way there will be enough time for those who would like to make Christmas orders.  I will make one last or sometime in January and then that will be it!  So make sure to FB, call 907.209.4133, or email me me your size and style.  There are women's cut short-sleeve$20, long-sleeve $25, regular cut short-sleeve $20, hoodies $35, zip-up hoodies $45 and kids $15.
Thanks for your support!!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Just getting the word out . . .

Monday, October 1, 2012

Down Right Chilly!

I was sooo excited to get out and run this morning because the temperatures have finally dipped below 32 degrees F!  Then I went to get the harness for the dogs and the above photo is what I found!  All of the harnesses were frozen due to the last few runs in the rain.  I very carefully placed them onto each dog and after a while the heat from their bodies allowed the harnesses to regain their shapes and we went on to have glorious runs!!

The Dogs New Ride!

My red beast of a truck decided that it would not be able to hang out with us this training season so I got a newer truck (by 8 years) to take its place.  I have the same dog box but thanks to Cullen, Andrew, Erin and Zane my dog box has a new look - black accented with purple doors!! It looks gorgeous!  I also installed the new license plate MSHGRL!  The dogs will be riding in style!