Sponsor a Dog

There are many ways you can help sponsor a dog. If you want to sponsor the dog on your own then the sponsorship is $500. If you are just interested in sponsoring an item (or items) for a dog, you will still be listed as a sponsor but will be sharing the sponsorship of that particular dog with other sponsors. (I wanted to make sponsoring a dog affordable for everyone!) If you have questions about sponsorship please email me: mushingadventures@yahoo.com
**Make sure to put the name of the dog and item that you are sponsoring in the message part of Paypal so I will know which dog to put your name under. Paypal is located on the right-hand side of all website pages.

The Dogs thank you from the bottom of their furry little hearts!

Here is a break-down of the cost of sponsoring a dog: 

$10 ~ Booties 
$15 ~ Straw (for houses and dog boxes in truck)
$20 ~ Lines and Hardware
$40 ~ Dog Coat (for very cold weather)
$50 ~ Harness$65 ~ Sled$100 ~ Vet Care
$200 ~ Dog Food
-----------------------------Total Cost to Sponsor a Dog $500


Faith Duncan said...

I cannot be there to help chop meat, vet a dog, or lay straw, but I believe in what you are doing, Angie, so I would like to encourage everyone to sponsor a dog on your team. The dogs and you are true athletes, and everything you do teaches kids to follow their dreams, be brave, take care of themselves and their animals. The ultimate role models! Be safe, Godspeed, and see you in Nome, Faith and all your supporters from home in Ketchkan.

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