Team Angie Sponsors

Lead Dog Sponsor: $5000+:

Swing Dog Sponsor $1000-$4999

-Scott Dossett
-South Tongass Volunteer Fire Department - Dragon Slayers
-Kristian, Rhonda, Eleanor, Oscar and Jasmine Pickrell
-Dr. William Anthes
-Jane Vollmer-Judge Henry Keene

-Bob Bloom and Joanne Flora
-Kelly Chick
-Delta Kappa Gamma - Epsilon
-Valley Chiropractic Clinic - James Martin, D.C.
-The McNamara Family

Team Dog Sponsor $500-$999:

Sourdough Bar
-Sarajustine Black
-Ken, Carol, and Megan Hoag
-Clay Keene
-Betsy Tieman
-Paul and Kelly Dahl
-Mike Schmit
-Kaptains Keg
-Jeff Fitzwater
-Dan, Jen and Timmy Castle
-GCI of Ketchikan
-Lois Munch (Classic Tours)

-Denny and Marjean Zeiser

-Hunter and Deb Davis
-Rally Truck Rentals
-John and Kathy Schwartz
-Scott and Jonna Cragun - HomeTech LLC
-The Midgett Family

Wheel Dog Sponsor $100-$499:

**Evon Zerbetz Graphics ** Carmuk Charters ** Betty Marksheffel ** Diversified Investments and Insurance ** Wayne and Barbara Kinunen ** David and Rebecca Valentine ** P.E.O. Chapter H ** Northern Lights Charter
** UFCW 1496 ** Eric and Pam Christianson ** Peter and Roz Ellis ** The Cessnun Family ** Kathy Paulson ** Diana Thomas ** Tom LeCompte ** Gretchen Klein ** Dee Brandow ** Scanlon's Gallery ** Jeff Budd ** Laura Kaltenstein ** Rebecca Himschoot ** Gary and Cheryl Cooper ** Shane Brewster ** Tom and Dean Nordtvedt ** Bob and Carolyn Frye ** Alan Locks ** Silly Munchkins - Brenda Jorgens ** Steven and Jolene Becke (web design) ** Steve and Sandy Smith ** A. Fred Miller ** Northern Lights Charters ** T-Shirt Center ** P.E.O. Chapter A ** Kaaren Kubley ** Alaska National Education Association (AK-NEA) ** Niko, Patty and Philip from Germany ** Parnassus Books ** Art, Jackie, Colin, McKenna, Carson, Peyton and Avery Kimball ** Norm Herron and Dawn Allen-Herron ** Michael and Valerie Brooks ** Ken and Lynora Eichner ** Best Western/The Landing ** B&D Coffee ** Diane Naab (Designer of my awesome t-shirt!) ** Michael and Diane Naab (Exploration Gallery) ** Irv, Leanne and Jocelyn Landrey ** Terry and Cheri Pyles (The Point) ** McPherson Music (Roy and Tina McPherson) ** Dave and Karen Pitcher ** Nancy Teitje ** Shaub Ellison ** Sharon Huffman ** Rx Massage (Jeff Fitzwater and Bonnie Paddock) ** Murray Pacific ** Mary Larsen ** Duck Tours (John and Jillian Malouf **Dana Elerding ** Jeff and Sharon Carson (Ward Cove Market) ** A&P Market ** The Crew of the Aleutian Ballad ** Lance Ohmer ** Cindy Zahn ** New York Hotel ** Irv, Leanne, and Jocelyn Landrey ** Rhonda Bolling ** First Bank ** Marie Fitts ** Simply Bella ** ILWU Local 200 ** Sign Pro of Ketchikan ** Barb Coate ** Alan and Barb Bailey ** Ivy Rose ** Faith Duncan ** Uncle Dick, Aunt Diana, and Cousin Andy Taggart ** Don and Maggie Freidenbloom ** Hugh and Donna Hartley ** Don and Brenda Stewart ** Cathy Dawkins ** Jack and Bev Davies ** Jack Shay and Carol McCormick ** Dick and Margot Miller ** ILWU Local 200 ** Larry and Julia Kubley ** Tim Whitely and Amanda Welsh ** Hall Anderson and Terri Robbins ** Beth Shea ** Tom and Mary Schulz ** Mike and Melissa Cruise ** Biz Robbins ** Dan, Denise, Levi and Lucas Buker ** Phil and Eileen Truitt ** Luis Horta (Oceanview Resturante) ** Kayhi Culinary Class - Doug Edwards ** BOGS boots ** Intuition Boot Liners ** Christine Winn ** Island Pharmacy ** Mr. Prime Beef ** Carlar Szitas ** Mark Keller ** Roy Dorsey **

Handler Sponsors $0-$99:-Ms Taggart's 2nd Grade Class - George Mamoulides - Llian Breen - Jonathan Guild - Finn and Sylvia Humleker - Parnassus Books (Maggie Freitag) -Will Shepler and the Woodson Family - David and Nancy Radcliff -Don and Barbara Crouch - Gary, Brenda and April Souza - Kurt and Marlene Kuhl - Jim, Penny and James Connelly - Earle and Lana Palmer - Ellen Bishop - Charlotte Tanner - Craig and Hilary Koch - MiMi Eddy - Karen Stafford - Terry and Rochelle Van Slyke - Steve and Grace Kinney - Kevin and Charley Young - Jason Brown - Anne Lucas - Karen Nelson - Robert and Barbara Failing - Loretta and Martin Mariella - Jackie Herter - Tim and Kay Long

$1049 Club Sponsor -A dollar A Mile:
-Jim and Lynn Penoyer -Chere Klein -Gretchen, Karly and Svend-Karl Klein

All donations will greatly help to get me down the trail.
Thank you for your support!

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