Friday, December 26, 2008

1st Race is Tomorrow!

Tomorrow I will be running in my first sled dog race! It is called the Aurora 50/50, and it is starting in Big Lake. On Christmas day it snowed around 8-10 inches. Because of this sizable amount of snow, the Aurora 50/50 will be reduced by 10 miles. So, it is more like the Aurora 40/40. On Saturday we run 40 miles and then on Sunday we run another 40. They then combine the two times to see where people have placed. I am planning on working on passing and being passed by other teams. The dogs I am racing with do a great job when passing.
This evening we went for a short 15-mile run. It was really beautiful with all the fresh snow. The sun was setting as we began our run. It is so relaxing to listen to the rhythmic sound of the dogs' paws on the snow.
The above pictures are of the run tonight and of Patsy, one of my leaders.


Dad and Mom said...

Angie . . . Good Luck! Hope you have fun and enjoy every moment of your experience! You'll be in our thoughts and prayers.
Love always,
Mom & Dad
and Svenna & Oceana, too

tipspal said...

Ms. Taggart,

Good luck! I think it's so cool that we know you. Is the golden and white dog your lead dog? How's Tundra? Does she get to run with you on practices? We'll check this every day to see how you are doing.

the Very! Excited! Parents! said...

Best of luck on your races, can't wait to hear how it goes! Oh, guess what. I'm sick now, too. YAY.

Terri McNellis said...

Angie, we just went for a ride in Big Lake but didn't know that you were in the race...that's great...we're happy for you, Bud!