Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Unconditional Love
By: Angie Taggart
You can define love in many ways. This was a deep love, unconditional and everlasting, through good and bad times. A bond this deep only happens to some in their lifetime. This is how this love began for me over eleven years ago . . .

She was cute, all right, but was she the one that I wanted to share my life with? She padded along behind me on feet too oversized for her body. I glanced back to encourage her to follow. She did so willingly. How could I not encourage her to follow me down the boardwalk to my home? I needed a companion, and she needed a safe haven. How could I have known that she would claim my heart as her own? We were made for one another.

Tundra was the one who could smile and turn even my worst day into a better one. That same smile touched the hearts of everyone she met. She always knew when I needed someone to talk to. She would listen to everything that I had to share. No matter how long I rambled on, she would always look at me as if she knew how I felt. She was a great travel companion and was always ready for a new adventure with me - from lengthy road trips, to hiking the mountains and trails around Ketchikan, to running alongside a sled pulled by Iditarod hopefuls.
Now, after all these years, I wonder if I was the one to choose her or if she was the one who chose me. Animals love without strings attached, the purest love that you can find on the earth. If this is so, then why can’t human love be as simple as loving your dog?

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Anonymous said...

If human love were as simple as loving a pet, then we'd all be better off.. What we can learn from the love of an animal is priceless..