Saturday, September 18, 2010

My team running in Skagway

Here are some of my Iditarod hopefuls running for our guests at Dog Camp today (10/18/10). My leaders were Bee and Hurley, my swing dogs, directly behind the leaders, were Allison and Angel. Then in order continuing on back from swing were: Chip, Dale, Rainy, Indigo, McGrath, Pierce, Athena, Svennie, Chop, Ronin, and finally the wheel dogs Stovepipe and Carmack. The dogs did a great job running today! It is so cool to see the progress that they have made over the summer. They are much stronger and the bond that they have with me is respect. I am so PROUD of them all!!

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Suzie said...

Hi Angie!
I was one of your lucky passengers in Skagway last month.
I love Bristol! All the smack talking she does with other dogs :-)
Thanks for giving me your card and I will definitely be keeping up with you!
Best of luck!
Suzie Duffy