Sunday, November 28, 2010

"Chip" and "Dale" Athletes of the Week Nov. 28 - Dec. 5th

Chip and Dale are brothers . . . they are the sweetest boys and they look so cute running side by side in the team. They run in the team or wheel position. They both are hard workers. They both have very high metabolisms so it is a challenge to keep weight on them. They both love having their bodies rubbed all over and will snuggle right in to your arms. I just love these boys!!

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BarbSchaefer said...

I have a "Chip" & "Dale" too! They are
Siberian Huskies now retired from my racing team.

I volunteered on Iditarod for 10 years, handling dropped dogs at checkpoints. I spent most of my time in McGrath & Unalakleet.

Now I spend my time sharing
sled dog adventures. Best of luck on your Iditarod adventure! I'll be following "Chip" & "Dale" closely. Barb

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