Sunday, January 9, 2011

Angie just called!!!

What a joy to receive a phone call from Angie!! She's currently on the trail - about ten miles from Tolsona Lodge. She says that up until this point the trail has been extremely difficult - lots of steep hills both up and down - very scary in spots!!! The trail she's on now is fairly level, but rough, because it's mostly just gravel!!! We could hear her voice bouncing along as she spoke on the phone! She had to leave one dog, Bristol, behind in Glennallen (due to sore feet and wrists) so she's now running with 11 dogs. She sends greetings to everyone who's following her race. Please keep her and her team in your thoughts and prayers. We Love You, Angie!!!


Hunter said...

We are watching...looks like your tracker is not working right shows you sitting in Glenallen..not out of Tolsona. Oh well, we will watch the stats. Doing great! Deb and Hunter

Joann said...

Doing great, Angie!