Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Copper Basin 300

Start of the race out of Paxson running along the pipeline

Preparing to cook food for dogs in the first checkpoint of Chistochina.
Bristol and Bee relaxing in the Glennallen checkpoint.
Getting dogs ready to leave from the Glennallen checkpoint.
Somewhere along the checkpoint running at night. Most of my runs were during the night.

Hills heading toward the checkpoint of Meier’s Lake Lodge.

Stovepipe at the finish line with his Red Dog jacket on . . .

Copper Basin 300 Finish 2:59 pm (1-11-11)
Raver and Wicked led the whole race and did a fantastic job!


ryanlm said...

Whoo hoo! We listened to the start from Indiana and Greta asked several times a day how you were doing and has asked for "stories" from the trail every night. Thanks for being an inspiration to a little girl 3,000 miles away.
Ryan Miller

Faith Duncan said...

Angie, you and your team look fantastic-considering your trail adventures-yahoo gal! Way to go team-I am so impressed...way to go Team Taggart! Hugs, F&D