Saturday, January 29, 2011

Don Bowers Sled Dog Race . . . 110 Miles Later

Me 20 hours into my 24 hour race . . .
Sleeping with the team (Bee & Pepe')

Early morning run on the day I completed the race 1/29/11 - 12:10pm

Completed the 110 miles of the Don Bowers Race. Had a great time - my feet are a bit sore, but besides that I feel great. The dogs came back with no injuries and happy. I am so glad that the race was a success for us all! I am beginning to narrow down my team that I will take on Iditarod.

Next task at hand is to keep training dogs and getting drop bags ready to deliver to Iditarod on the 17th. The drop bags are the bags that have everything that we will need out on the trail.

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Deb said...


The Iditarod site has a short article about you (posted the 30th).
Crosscut saws and sleeping with dogs...doesn't get much better. Enjoy! Deb