Sunday, January 2, 2011

Making Wrist and Neck Warmers

The past two nights my friend Jan Steves and I worked on making wrist warmers (you are able to put a hand-warmer in your palm to help keep your exposed fingers warm. It easier to boot a dog without fingers on your gloves) and neck warmers. We had a lot of laughs!!!


wristies® prez said...

Hi there,
Your Wristies® look wonderful but the name and trademarked and using it without permission isn't cool (and it's illegal). Please remove the word from your website, marketing materials, etc.
Also, Heated Wristies® (ones with hand warmers) are patented with the USPTO. We would be happy to offer them at wholesale for your members involved with the Iditarod. Give KK a call to work out the details.
Thank you for your cooperation! And best wishes for a successful race!
Susan Gregory

Mushing Towards Iditarod said...

Susan, Thank you for pointing that out! I was not aware that they were trademarked . . . I asked what they were called and she gave me your products name. I will inform her also!