Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Figure This Out -------->

There are 19 checkpoints on this years Iditarod trail. I am sending out 36 sets
(4 in each set) of booties to each check point. How many individual dog booties am I sending out?

I have 4 - 5 pound bags of kibble for each of the 19 check points plus 170 extra pounds of kibble that will be sent out to a few of the checkpoints where I may stay my 24 hours. How many pounds of kibble will I be sending out on the trail?

I am sending a variety of meat out for the dogs for snacks and feedings. There will be beef fat, tripe, salmon, and beef. I am sending at least 5 - 5 pound bags of meat to each check point. How many pounds of meat am I sending out on the trail for my dogs to consume?


florence_baclaan said...

Hi Ms.Taggart this is Florence the answer I got was 265pounds of food.

florence_baclaan said...
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florence_baclaan said...

HI Ms.Taggart this is Jenny good luck on the race hope you win the answer i got was 265 pounds of food thars alot of food. they eat alot

PROMISE said...

hey Mrs Taggert the answer that i got was 265 pounds of dog food that is alot lot for them to eat i hope you win the Iditarod

Tabatha said...

Great math problems...I got the following answers:
2,736 booties
550 lbs of kibble
475 lbs of meat

My Math teacher would love this!