Thursday, March 3, 2011

Starting bib number 19!

Tonight at the mushers banquet I drew bib number 19. This means that I will be starting the race at 10:36AM on Saturday March 5th in downtown Anchorage on 4th Avenue. If you are living in the area you can watch me take off from downtown on Channel 1 GCI. If you are not a GCI customer you can watch a live stream on Wishing you were all here for the start. Can't wait to post something from Nome! Keep tabs on me here and on


Tom said...

Tom, Melody, and I will be cheering you on at the start. Have a safe and wonderful trip. I totally admire you for following your dream.


Kathy said...

3rd grade at Fawn Mountain is following you! INCLUDING your Elijah from last year. Go Angie!
Kathy & Tina and kids

Faith Duncan said...

Way to go, No 19! will be watching you takeoff on the net from Nevada-see you soon in Nome Team Taggart! Mush on, we wish you godspeed! Faith and Dennis

Gabrielle said...

Im following you in school! Good luck! Hopefully number 19 will be a lucky number! GO ANGIE AND YOUR DOGS!

eric said...

Good luck Angie! All of us here at the Red Dog Saloon will be watching your progress and cheering you on! Make sure to take some great photos of you and the Red Dog Lead Dog so we can post them up in the saloon for everyone to see! Travel safe,
Eric Forst

Tabatha said...

Good luck on the race Angie! I am following you for my school project and I'm excited to see how well you and the team do this year! I'll be cheering you on from Wisconsin. Go Team! I know the dogs will love it too!


dianalovesrain said...

Go Angie Go!!! From all the kids (and dogs) from your neighborhood--
Ashley, Tony, Grant, Leif, Carley, Max & Andy. Doggies: Nellie, Bristol, Cheerio & Sally.

We'll be watching you!! Good luck, be careful and lots of love from Ketchikan.