Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Some photos from Iditarod 2011

Walking Carmack and Stovepipe up to the gang-line, getting ready for the start in Willow~
Hurry up and wait our turn . . . waiting for the green light to walk the team up to the starting chute in Willow.
One team away from the starting line in Willow . . .
And we are off to NOME!
Finish time into Nome was:
~ 13 days ~1 hour~ 49 minutes ~ 24 seconds~
Finished with 10 happy and healthy dogs:
Chop, Carmack, Stovepipe, Raver, Chip, Allison, Win, Rainy, Tibet and Tango


Cousin Barb said...

so proud of you Angie. I've watched the CNN clips...I can't believe my eyes! How did you ever do that. Such beautiful territory; such beautiful dogs and such a lovely musher!!! (Even with such a cute red nose at times!!) Congratulations, you are one in a million. I hope your parents survived!! I know they must have been very much on edge, but trusting in your excellence. hope you are rested and renewed and making plans for your next adventure. Keep us posted. love to you and Charlene and John.

Mushing Towards Iditarod said...

Thanks Barb, so good to hear from you! Hope your summer is going well!