Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Athletes of the Week January 27th - February 2nd

Bristol is a funny dog. She loves people so much and is always wanting loves from them. She is 4 years old and full of life. She is my most affectionate pup that I have! She runs the best next to her teammate Jeff.  Another funny thing about Bristol is she likes to dig on top of her metal bowl and she howls like a squealer monkey when food is being served!!  Bristol is Riot's sister . . .
Riot is one of the hardest workers on the team!  He has floppy ears and a crooked smile.  He loves attention like his sister Bristol.  I am excited to see how well he does in Iditarod this year!
Rainy has come a long way as a leader!  She is a sister to McGrath. Rainy is small in stature, but she makes up for it when pulling with the team. She loves to be cuddled and shown attention. I enjoy her laid-back attitude and sweet temperament. What Musher from Ketchikan wouldn't have a dog in their team named Rainy? LOL!

McGrath is opposite of her sister Rainy in stature . . . she has long legs and is very shy.  She runs well with all dogs on the team and I can always depend on her to be my biggest cheerleader in the team!

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