Monday, January 21, 2013

Carmack, Pierce, Win, and Pepe' ~ Athletes of the Week Jan. 20th- 26th

Carmack is one of my main leaders. He is 9 years old and one of my larger males in my team. He is very sweet, gentle, and very furry. He gets along with everyone on the team and he loves to run. He enjoys scratches behind his ears and along his sides.

Pierce loves to snuggle into people. He always seems to have a smile on his face. He is a hard worker in the team and he pulls hard in the wheel position. He works well with other dogs and he enjoys running and pulling hard.  He is the only dog that I have to watch while hooking up the team because he like to chew his neckline and his friends that is running along side him!!

Win is a smaller dog on my team. She loves to lead the team down the trail. Sometimes she has a hard time listening to commands that are given to her, but overall she works really hard. She loves people to scratch her belly and behind her ears.  She has a lot of attitude for such a small dog!!

Pepe' is one shy guy, but a heck of a leader. Once he gets to know you he loves to be scratched behind his ears and loved on.  Pepe' has a very soft coat of fur that will keep him nice and warm in the sub-zero temperatures that we will encounter this winter. I am really excited to see how well Pepe' does in our race January 25th (Northern Lights 300)!
Go PePe' Go!!!


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