Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Getting Loose Ends Tightened

Today I sent off the bulk of my gear with a friend to Anchorage. It is a great feeling knowing that people are always ready to help.
I made reservations for my dog, Tundra, to accompany me on my adventures in Wasilla. She will not be a part of my running team. She will be one of the ones encouraging me to get up each morning and work hard to prepare for my first race on January 3rd. Some of you may know (or may not know) that she was diagnosed with lung cancer in October. She is the greatest dog. I have been so blessed with her companionship over the past 10 years! She has traveled with me and seen and done things that many people have not experienced. It will be really nice to have her there alongside me!


EP's Family said...

I am glad you are able to bring Tundra with you. Who will she stay with while you are racing? I know you were unsure what the best thing to do would be when she got her diagnosis in October...God answers prayers! We're all excited for you to have a safe & exciting first race!corpo

the Very! Excited! Parents! said...

What a great picture!
Elliot is getting excited about Tundra sleeping in our garage. He just told me that we needed to buy a doggy potty for her. I asked him why? And he said because that doggy needs go poop in there! I said well, doggies go poop on the ground and he said, and then what? I said and then their mommy picks it up. In what he asked. A bag, I said. Oh. OK.