Sunday, December 21, 2008


Tundra and I were prepared to head north this afternoon, but the flight that was coming up from Seattle was cancelled due to snow. They are really having a hard time in Seattle with the weather! I am planning on heading out tomorrow morning. I hope that it is a go. I need to get up there and start running dogs!

I was originally going to head north on Saturday, but I changed my flight due to having such a horrible cold. Instead of flying on Saturday, I slept all day trying to recoup. I feel 90% better today and am hoping by the time I reach Anchorage I will be back to 100%! Please pray for wellness and strength. I will definitely need it when I am on the back of the sled.

Above are pictures of both sides of the mushing card that Jan Haynes purchased for me to hand out.


sixwickerts said...

Wow Angie! We had no idea you were planning this adventure. Keep your blog updated so we can follow your travels!! God Bless!
Jasen & Helen Wickert

lagniappekennel said...

Hi Angie! From one musher to another, I'd like to welcome you to Alaska. Maybe a little early but I'm excited to know that you'll be coming. I'll definitely be looking for you at the Knik 200 (I'll be there watching, not racing). Happy trails!