Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I Made It!

Tundra and I arrived in Anchorage on time this afternoon. The flight went smoothly. Grand-dad Gibson met me at the terminal with Elliot, and they helped me gather my luggage while I waited for Ray. Ray came shortly after the luggage arrived. We headed back to his home in Knik just outside of Wasilla. In Wasilla, we went to Fred Meyer's to gather a few items and, let me tell you, there were so many people there I became overwhelmed. We escaped and made it to Ray's home soon thereafter. Shortly after we arrived, we were out in the dog yard feeding the dogs some cow fat. They loved it. We then discussed maybe running a team of 12 dogs later in the evening. Nothing like getting started from the get-go! We did indeed hook up my team of 12 dogs and we went for a run. Ray started off with the team, and I followed with the snow machine. As Ray was running, one of the two brake spikes broke off. I was thinking that because of this minor problem that I wouldn't run. I was wrong! Ray and I then switched places, and I ran the dogs. It was like getting back on a bicycle after a long hiatus. I had a great time. However, I did tip over and was dragged a minimal distance. We ended up traveling 15 miles total. The temperature was in the twenties and there were about 18-20 inches of snow on the ground. All the gear that I wore did a great job of keeping me warm and dry. We ended up finishing our run around 11:30 p.m. I am more than exhausted at this point in time! Tomorrow we are planning on doing an 80-mile run up to Big Horn Lake. We will see what the day brings and I say . . . Bring it on!!

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Harpalaska said...

We're watching your progress here in K-town. Upwards and Onwards.
If you get a chance, give us a call here at KFMJ radio. (907) 247-3699
Anita Hales, KFMJ News.