Tuesday, December 23, 2008

60 Miles Down

Wow! It is another late night! We ran 60 miles today and I stayed on the sled the whole time! I am pretty sore from running along with the sled and keeping my balance around corners and dips in the snow. I was running to make it easier on the dogs going up hills. There were quite a few hills that we encountered today. The weather was in the 20's again and it was snowing lightly. I will hopefully have time to upload some photos tomorrow. I need to get to sleep now because I think the day will come earlier than I would like it to. We will be running different dogs tomorrow and not as far. So, until tomorrow, sleep well!


Working Under a Rock said...

You could train here - we got several inches of snow last night in Ketchikan and there's more on the way! Post some photos and start a Facebook page - myspace page - we'll be watching for your progress. Good luck!

leisi said...

So glad your Mom called and gave us the info. We are very proud of you and look forward to watching you race. God Bless you and be safe & warm