Monday, December 29, 2008

The Temperature is Dropping

Going down the trail . . .
Leaving the start for the 40/40 on Sunday, 12/28

Today at the Kennel we took it easy. In the morning, we doctored dog feet and I scooped poop. The dogs had the day off to recoup from the weekend races. The temperatures are dropping below 0 degrees and, with the wind chill, even lower. I am hoping it is not too far below zero during the race on January 3rd. Ray seems to think the thermometer will register well into the negative teens. Hopefully, he will be wrong, but I am preparing for the temperature to be really cold.

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ketchikanwilhelms said...

some suggestions on skin care in extreme cold. You're doing great and don't be afraid to scrub the race if it is killing cold. Listen to Ray! We've got plenty of snow here in Ketch if you want to practice some more.