Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Preparing for the Knik 200

Getting booties wrapped up - 4 to a wrap
Drying out my sled

The temperature here this evening is -20 degrees. Ray and I are preparing for the race this coming weekend. We are gathering the mandatory gear that we need to carry in our sleds: sleeping bag, axe, snowshoes, dog booties, and cooker stove. Before we are able to pack the sleds, we need to bring the sleds inside so that they can dry out. Not only is there gear to get ready, but there is also food and snacks for the dogs. If the temperature is warmer tomorrow, we may take a team out for a short run.


Lynn said...

We're proud of you, Angie, and are looking forward to hearing all about the Knik 200!

Love, Lynn & Jim in San Jose

ketchikanwilhelms said...

minus 20???? The pool would feel like steam bath after that. Hey, they put your blog in the daily news community cache roundup.

With all this snow I have a feeling you aren't the only one needing to dry their sled out!! Good luck in the race Angie.

Chris & Tia in Ketchikan

Bev said...

Amazing video Angie, thanks for sharing what it looks and sounds like, similarities to sailing? I hope the cold isn't as intense as predicted for the race. Is Tundra on your team?

Good luck in the race, have the time of your life, and stay safe!!

Happy New Year! Love, Bev and Jack in snowy Ketchikan

Sarajustine said...


You are doing a great job on this blog...The photos are terrific too.
It's almost like being there with you. I checked out the Knik 200 website and it looks good this year. So we will probably be able to check on you there too, Pam and I are woking the PR angle here in Ketchikan so folks will know what's happening... God Bless you and your wonderful furry friends and keep you all safe. Sarajustine

Biz said...

Ditto to everything others have said, Angie. I'll be thinking of you, checking online, praying for your safety and health, and being thankful that you are following your dream. Blessings, Biz