Sunday, January 4, 2009

Angie made it half-way!

Late Saturday night, we received word that Angie had arrived at Skwentna (the half-way point of the Knik 200) about 10 P.M. Skwentna is where all the mushers and their dogs are required to take a 6-hour layover before turning around and heading back to Knik. Angie should now be on her way back toward the end of the race and should arrive at the finish line sometime this afternoon or early evening. Go, Angie, Go!! We can hardly wait to see you and hear about your adventures!!!


Anonymous said...

Great job Angie!! The girls and I are closely watching your progress. We look forward to seeing you later this week.

dianalovesrain said...

We're pulling for you!! It's so exciting for us to be able to read about your progress. We look forward to hearing all about your adventures in the Knik 200.
(You're house is holding up well with the snow. All is well!)
The Maioriello's

Gretchen said...

Go Angie! I've been thinking of you everyday and rooting you on.

Vicky said...

Hi Angie,
We are with you in spirit. We are so proud of you. Good mushing.
- Vicky

UAS said...

Hi to mom and dad while you're waiting. Anxious for word that Angie's finished. I'll wave as you fly over us on your way home tomorrow. -Katie

scoundrel said...


Hoped there would be a final report that you were back in Knik. Hope all went well on return.

Scoundrel Crew

JulieSD said...

Hi Angie, I was hoping there would be results posted! Jen has been keeping me updated. Hope all went well on the return.
Julie Simpson-Daniels

slppam said...

Thanks Charlene for letting us know. We have all been wondering where Angie is on the trail.

Mush along!!!

Tiffany said...

Yeh Angie! This is so exciting to be praying for you and thinking about you living your dream. You are awesome. I can't wait to hear the details on the race.

Michelle said...

Hey Angie!
We hope to hear soon that you are finished and are safe and sound! We are so proud of you! See you back at school. Michelle

Brenda said...

Angie, we were so proud to see you off Saturday morning! Your drive and endurance in that cold weather is astounding. It was -24 degrees. We bundled up pretty well for the cold, but in less than 10 minutes the kids were so cold they were in tears - Miranda was more upset than I've seen her in a long time. She said she never wanted to go outside again. And yet you were in those frigid conditions for 10 hours! Please know that our thoughts and prayers were with you continuosly. Jolene and I cheered when we saw online that you'd made it to the checkpoint. We're so proud of you for being brave enough to follow your dreams!