Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Race Is On!!!

The Knik 200 started on a cold note (Br-r-r-r-r-r) this morning at 11 A.M. The temperature was -24 degrees. Even the dogs had to wear jackets! They also wore booties (but then the booties are common attire for any race in the snow). Angie left the starting gate at 11:34 since she was #18 in the line-up, and each musher started 2 minutes apart. She had a great start and seemed to have good control over the dogs. I'm sure she'll have many adventures to share with us once the race is over tomorrow! We're all praying that she's staying warm and on the trail!

Pictures for this blog will be posted tomorrow . . .

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the Very! Excited! Parents! said...

Charlene/Ang: It was neat to see the start today! Holy COW was it COLD!I am so excited and anxious for the race to be done and everyone is warmed up from their toes to their nose.
I have some pictures of today if you'd like them Charlene. Mail me at honeybecke (at) gmail dot com okie doke?