Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Knik 200 is Fast Approaching

Dropping off food drops
Packing food drops
Working on Ray's sled
Treating Helga's feet

Due to the negative temperatures, we did not run today but put together our drop bags. The drop bags were due at the Knik Bar today at 2pm. Ray and I sent out two bags each. We put food for the dogs, gloves, booties, and a few other items in each bag. We will be able to access the drop bags when we arrive in Skwentna. I am praying that the weather warms up before we leave on Saturday. Tomorrow there is a musher meeting at 7pm. This is where we will draw our starting number for Saturday.


UAS said...

Hey Beautiful! You're racing in a freezer. We've got cold weather here too. Its been hovering right around 0 for a few days. 10 degrees seems toasty right now.

I played the 'howling dog' video for mom's horse. She was very curious and then ADD kicked in and she went looking for food and the cat.

I know you've got a lot to do. Know that I'm praying for you and thinking of you just about every day. Be strong and of good courage!

Love and hugs from Juneau. -Katie

slppam said...

Wow what a beautiful blog site and awesome clear pictures. We can just feel the cool below zero crisp air and visualize the preparations you are doing with your blog entries! We continue to keep you in our prayers daily and share with everyone what you are doing.

Keep up the great work. We pray that your race is safe and the dogs healthy and that you continue to pursue your goal! Mush along, mush along Angie!
this entry contains warm hugs from Ketchikan....Erik and Pam, Dylan and Jens