Saturday, March 7, 2009

Serious Training

Last weekend I started to get serious about getting back into the swing of things - primarily training in Ketchikan for my up-and-coming race, the Taiga 300. Above is a glimpse into my training with my trusty huskies at my side.

The race will begin and end at Wolverine Lodge on Lake Louise. Mile 16.5 on the Lake Louise Road—turn off at mile 160 on the Glenn Highway (27 miles south of Glennallen). The race will start at 11:00a.m. on April 1, 2009 - at 2 minute intervals. The race will be a continuous event of approximately 312 miles, consisting of 4 segments. The 1st leg will be a 60-mile run from Wolverine Lodge, most of which will be hilly, returning on the Lake system to Wolverine for a mandatory 6-hour layover plus time differential. No handler assistance or planned help allowed here. Teams will then continue on a 110-mile leg to the Maclaren checkpoint. (Maclaren River Lodge at milepost 42 on the Denali Highway.) This segment is entirely on lakes and rivers. There will be a mandatory 8-hour layover at Maclaren at which straw will be provided for the dogs. The 3rd leg will be a 30-mile loop east on the Denali Highway, and returning through the mountains to Maclaren for a 4-hour layover. The last run will return to Wolverine on the 110-mile leg.

This race will last a bit longer than my last race due to the extra 100 miles and layovers.


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Angie you are so funny, your video is AWESOME :)