Thursday, March 26, 2009

Taiga 300 Here I Come . . .

I am heading to Anchorage tomorrow (3/27) after school to prepare for my 300-mile sled dog race. I am a bit nervous . . . 100 more miles than the Knik 200 that I ran in January. . . Hopefully, the weather will be a bit warmer than -48 degrees! This race will bring me closer to my goal of participating in the 1,100-mile Iditarod. I will be at Redington's, in Knik, sometime on Saturday where I hope to get a few runs in with the dogs that I will be using for the Taiga.
I have been keeping an eye on what Mt. Redoubt is doing with its eruptions, and I am praying that the ash stays far away from where I will be running the race.
My mom will be updating my blog when she can while I am racing. You can also go to the Taiga 300 website to see the results that they post:
Thank you again to everyone who has supported me financially and through encouragement and prayers! You all ROCK!

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