Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Almost to McGrath!

Good evening!  Angie has now traveled approximately 289 miles along the Iditarod trail and is currently heading toward McGrath (only 12 more miles to go until that checkpoint).  At this time she is traveling about 7.2 miles per hour so she should be arriving in McGrath within the next couple of hours. 


Myantkinney said...

Hi Angie. My name is Jane. I'm 9 years old and my 3rd Grade class in New Jersey is studying the Iditarod. We each got the chance to root for one musher and I picked you! I picked you because you are racing to help your Mom and other people with cancer. And, because you're a teacher.
So ... how cold is it there?
What are your dogs names?
Please write back.
Good luck. I am checking the results four times every day.
ps: If one of the people in our class picks a top-five musher, we get a Popsicle Party for the whole class!

Mushing Towards Iditarod said...

Hi, Jane . . . I'm Angie's Mom. Thank you for picking Angie as your musher to root for. Since she is busy mushing along the trail and she can't respond to you right now, I thought I would send you the names of the dogs in her team. They are - Carmack, Chop, Hershey, Rainy, Bee, Win, Bristol, Pierce, Dale, Chip, Stovepipe, Scully, Riot, PePe', Merv, and McGrath. They are wonderful dogs and Angie loves them dearly.
Hope you and your class have fun following the race and that you get your Popsicle Party!!!

Mushing Towards Iditarod said...
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