Friday, March 8, 2013

On her way to the checkpoint of Iditarod . . .

Angie called us from McGrath yesterday!!!  It was so wonderful to hear her voice!!!  She sounded good and said she was doing well.  She said the Burn has been the toughest part of the trail for her thus far.  So far she's only dropped one dog, Carmack, due to overheating and exhaustion (Carmack is one of her older dogs).  Angie says "HI" to everyone and is thankful for your thoughts and prayers.
    Angie took her 24-hour layover in McGrath and is through Takotna and Ophir and on her way to Iditarod, the half-way point in the race.  Right now the temperature on this leg of the race is 48 degrees, extremely warm for mushing!!!!    

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